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Broken Swords
Broken Swords
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Speedy Sticks

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Animate sticks doing something really fast. Your entry can either be running around the world or insanely fast jackie chan fighting skillz.


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Make some form of art of the interaction between a stickman and a monster. Whether it be animation, drawing, story or poem.

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AnimPlanet Station Tryouts

If you didnt get to tryout for APS before, now is your chance. If you think you have what it takes, try out now. Spots open


Member of the week



Mack has succesfully organized the AP stickweekly #3. He has also promised to organize our stickweeklies from now on. He is also one of AP's top APS squadron members. He has shown great dedication to our community and has helped make it grow. Round of applause.


We now have a domain guys. is now our official domain. Our second stickweekly seemed to be a great hit, I hope that will motivate members to make a part for the 3rd. Mack will be taking care of stickweeklies from now on, hes good with menus and all that. I also hope that you like our new banner, I dont know what to do with it, since it has the same buttons in the navbar. I'll figure it out soon..

4-01-09: New homepage almost done
Ive worked extreemly hard to bring you this release, but here it is. Its still missing quite a few things though the mall is NOT up yet. Thanks to zans for his animation.

3-15-09: Demo of new site :O!
This a basic template of how the new home page will look like. THIS IS BARELY EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT THE NEW SITE WILL LOOK LIKE!!! I gave you guys something to watch. *points above*. Have fun, and stay active.

3-11-09: Internet Explorer Problem Fixed!
I have fixed the flash compatibility problem with IE by taking out all the flash stuff :(. I replaced them with images, so no more nice animated buttons. I didn't really fix it, I just found a way around it for now. But now you should have no problem accessing the forums. I will add the "Katashi Latest Series Box" soon.

2-27-09: Home page is up! :)
How do you like it? I spent 4 days cooking this up, so I hope it pleases you. I will add more animated stuff later.


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