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Pirates Collab Empty Pirates Collab

Post by Cizzil on Fri May 29, 2009 10:47 am

Pirates Collab Collabbanner

What’s the deal?
This collab is based on a ship being raided by pirates. Now let me get this clear. You are one of the PIRATES. Don’t be an idiot, and animating the pirates getting completely owned. This isn’t modern day pirates! Be original with weapons, but don’t show someone using a bazooka, sniper rifle, or something else along those lines. You are animating a single pirate named ________ <---insert pirate type name here (But seriously though, the pirate name doesn’t matter, just don’t show millions of pirates, he can have pirates fighting with him, but have them all die before your part ends). Now this pirate’s objection is to kill the captain, so you are going to animate the pirate coming in from the left side of the screen, and leaving through the right side. DO NOT ANIMATE THE CAPTAIN BEING KILLED (We will have a selected animator chosen to do this). The pirate must be fighting on the deck of a ship. In order for this to look professional, make sure you don’t show the entire ship, or else it will look as though he is fighting on hundreds of different ships. Also, don’t show the pirate boarding the ship, we will have a designated animator animate this too.

Important Info
• Dimensions- 450 px by 225 px
• FPS- 24
• Background- You must need a back ground
• Sounds- You must have your own sounds; I will not put them in for you
• Length- As long as the quality is well done, I will accept almost any length. Just don’t make a part that is so short, no one can tell what is happening.
• Stick color- Black
• Enemy color- anything you want babe
• Send me the Flash file, not the swf
• Don’t put a song in your animation

How Do I join?
• To join you must first say that you want to join (duh) I won’t add you to the list just because you post in this thread.
• You MUST post an example of your work, UNLESS you personally know me, and know for a fact I have seen a recent anim.
• Post what part you are looking to apply for (look below)
• Hope that I like you

Duty Calls
*= In Fo’ Sho’
%= I’m gay so I’m saying maybe just to piss you off Cizzil
$= Done with animation and is now Cizzil’s best friend
X= I’m a fag and I dropped out
$$= Done with multiple animations (I love you)

Here are the jobs you may apply for
Credits- Me*
Beginning scene (pirates boarding the ship)-
Ending scene (Pirate killing the captain)-
Normal part to the collab

Song Suggestions- I’m on a boat – Lonely Island
Pirates who don't do anything- relient k

If you have a cool idea for this collab, pm me, and I may add it into the jobs section.
Don’t post your animation! We want this collab to be successful; posting your animation would ruin the surprise.
There are as many spots open as there need to be, so don’t be shy.
I have the rights to deny you from entering this collab, or saying maybe, and denying your entry.
If you feel as though I have forgotten something, please inform me, we want this collab to be as successful as possible.
Finally, have fun with it! Make it original, if you don’t enjoy making it, we won’t enjoy watching it (well probably).


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Pirates Collab Empty Re: Pirates Collab

Post by BlackSpark on Fri May 29, 2009 1:07 pm


Pirates that Dont do anything seems better for an animation Smile

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