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another question from blaster >.<???

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another question from blaster >.<??? Empty another question from blaster >.<???

Post by Blaster on Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:14 pm

hey blaster again >.<
well... im making a project but theres one problem
everythings done but the problem is the music >.>

i want to make it that when you click on my replay botton the song stops where ever it is and rewinds and starts again
not that is playing the song and when you click replay the song keeps going and if you click play it starts again with the other music till it finishes then you can one song not two song at a time >.>
and when you want to watch it frame by frame i want that it stops when ever you stop the music xD

i just want to stop that??? plis i need to know xD how if you didnt understand just tell me and ill try to be as clear as a can =D
i hope you understand my problem

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